2019 Return to Patagonia Landscape Photography

Last year in Patagonia with Brendan van Son, Thomas Heaton, and Greg Snell was my first real landscape photography trip.

Previously I hadn’t taken photography seriously as a hobby; after years in Japan of course I had taken all kinds of pictures, but they were mostly tourist snapshots.

I was determined to make 2018 the year I decided if photography was going to be my main hobby. I couldn’t wait for the day BvS would announce his trip. What a surprise bonus that Thomas Heaton was also going to be there. I was one of, if not the first, to signup for the trip. If the trip went well, I told myself, then I’d put more effort into landscape photography; if not, then I’ll need to find something else to do with my time.

Patagonia Freedom 2019

I had a great time, met lots of amazing people, and even got a good image or two out of the trip.

After being let down the night before, we attempted once again to catch light the following morning and were handsomely rewarded with a beautiful view of Cerro Paine Grande and Los Cuernos from atop Mirador Condor in Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile.

This year I’m joining 3 BvS/TFuego (that’s what we called Thomas Heaton) alumnus and returning to the end of the earth for more Patagonia landscape photography for a trip we’re calling, “Patagonia Freedom 2019”. No leaders, no reservations, just 4 photographers in an RV exploring the Patagonian landscape.

B (ig: @b.34.trix), Carlos (ig: @charlymauer), Jeff (ig: @jeff.chea) and I are starting in Santiago and have three weeks to drive all the way down and back.

Target Destinations Along the Way

We don’t have reservations or an official set schedule, but we do have some stops in mind.

In additional to the big ticket must see items in Torres del Paine and Mount Fitz Roy (which sadly, last year we never got a clear view of), we’re also hoping to hit up:

  • Puerto Montt/Puerto Vargas
  • Queulat National Park
  • Villa Cerro Castillo
  • Lago Puelo

Planed Unplanned Happenings

Being as Patagonia is in the Southern Hemisphere, April/May is the fall and the best time to see a mix of beautiful colors and snow capped mountains before it gets too cold. We most certainly will not be the only photographers down there. Last year we kept running into Elia Locardi and the F Stoppers (Jeff and I actually had a nice quiet lunch with the 3 of them even though we specifically were trying to avoid them!), and this year we’ll be there the same time as BvS, TFuego, and Snell who are running two back to back trips.

If the schedules align, perhaps we can crash one or two of the group’s locations, or maybe grab a drink with the leaders during their week off between the two trips.